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Frontend Development Roadmap

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Frontend Development Roadmap

Master frontend development by learning top-tech stack with top-notch resources all in one place. Track your growth using our timeline growth tracker board.

Things you will get in the template

  • Lifetime access and lifetime upgrade
  • Extensive resources and top-notch references
  • Growth Tracker to track your growth
  • 50+ frontend interview questions
  • 50+ websites to grab frontend job

Topics to learn, frontend extensive tools list, frontend projects for resume and growth tracker in the roadmap template

Resources include links website references and 50+ job portals websites to grab your frontend opportunity

What problem this template is solving?

This template is a guide for front-end development. Front-end development basics comprise languages such as Javascript and HTML/CSS, Trending frameworks like React, Trending databases like Firebase and Handling hosting and deployments with version control. We all knew this or heard it somewhere or the other still it's difficult to create the proper roadmap or guidance to learn frontend development from scratch.

We often get confused about how to start and it happens mostly because of the lack of resources and proper guidance. This template will solve that problem by acting as a bridge between you and a senior/experienced developer.

I've listed down each topic you need to learn such as HTML. Each topic contains sub-topics or so-called core concepts. These core concepts are quite important so you only have to start learning these core concepts. Below this, you will find the references from where you can learn all the corresponding core concepts.

This template is very well organised in a step-by-step manner so that you can understand it easily even if you have no computer science background.

The template also contains an extensive list of all kinds of references such as Blogs, and YouTube channels to learn frontend development and stay updated on all kinds of things happening in frontend development.

How this template is helpful?

This template will first give you guidance with the well-organised structure to start. Starting is a difficult, confusing step so this template will help you in taking the first step and proceeding towards mastery of frontend development.

How to use it or get it?

You can see the "I want this" button in the right section. Once you buy this template you will be redirected to the content page containing all the steps on how to download and use this template, it's just 2 step process and quite easy.

Do I need a computer science background to understand it?

No, I am a developer with 4 years of experience and I did my master's in Biotechnology so if I can learn it then at least it's not rocket science.

I don't want the Notion template as I don't use Notion in that case how will I get this template?

So far we only provide templates using Notion, but soon we are about to release the dedicated website to get the template. But for the time being, you can email me at πŸ“€

About me

Hello, I am shrey, I am an Entrepreneur, Developer, Designer and Writer. I have 4 years of industry experience working with multiple startups, developing and managing products for millions of users ranging from desktop to mobile applications.

I am currently working as a Freelancer and running a website iHateReading where I share knowledge with the audience to learn how products are built.

Contact me

Feel free to email me at πŸ“€


I've thought to introduce this section because I hate the website that doesn't show the product without purchasing it 😁

Here we go with a glimpse of what you will get in the template

It all begins with a table of content

Move ahead with things to learn to become a frontend developer

Move ahead with frontend tools, github repos, packages and so on

Time to make some projects for your resume or luckily your startup idea

Time to prepare for the interview using 50+ interview questions

In the end, time to grab a job using a job tracker and job portals

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Master frontend development by learning top tech-stack with top-notch resources all in one place in this template

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Frontend Development Roadmap

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